Dr. Pollack has published more than 500 articles, abstracts, and chapters, and two books. The articles available here represent only a sample of material he has developed or in which he has been cited in recent years about medicinal cannabinoids.

Priority Considerations for Medicinal Cannabis-Related Research Read Article>>
Publication date Aug 2019 Publication description Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research

Exclusive Commentary: FDA Approval of Marijuana-based drugs ‘Should Open Doors for Significant Advances’ Read Article>>
Publication date July 2018 Publication description Helio Family Medicine

Rise of Medical Marijuana Requires Good Doctoring Read Article>>
Publication date April 2018 Publication description ACP Internist

Medical Marijuana Companies Use Israel as Testing Ground Read Article>>
Publication date Aug 2017 Publication description Fast Forward

Hope Vs. Hype Medical Marijuana From Center Medical Cannabis Education Research Read Article>>
Publication date Publication description ReachMD

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